Our Genuine Feedback from our Guests

Following a number of reports last week of dubious feedback companies that are currently operating out there, I am thrilled to announce that we are proud to be using Feefo, a truly GENUINE feedback forum where only our guests who have travelled with us are allowed to put their feedback on our site. The way it operates is very simple. After a client of ours returns from a holiday we send Feefo their email address and Feefo then sends out a short questionnaire which asks two questions about our service and our product. If the client responds then this response is immediately posted onto our website by Feefo for all the world to see…whether the response is good or bad, the feedback is posted…… warts and all!

This means that anyone who hasn’t travelled with us cannot post a review. It also means that our staff or friends of staff are unable to post glowing reviews about our products. Only our guests are allowed to respond and the result is threefold. Firstly, we get to hear what our guests genuinely think of us. Secondly it gives us an opportunity to respond to any guest who has posted a review be it negative or positive. Lastly, it gives us the opportunity to fine tune our product and service immediately.

We have had some negative reviews and will happily admit that we can get things wrong. But the most important thing is to do something about it and admit when we have made mistakes. If there is an operator who thinks that they never make mistakes then they are only fooling themselves and any company that doesn’t react to genuine client feedback will not be trading for long.

We love the fact that Feefo is genuine and we also love the fact that our guests post reviews on our site. It makes our product offering transparent and open and we as a company are proud to be able to offer our holidays and are happy to have them genuinely scrutinised.

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