Before your Holiday
A. Advanced Passenger Information
1. What is Advanced Passenger Information?

You need to provide Advance Passenger Information (API) before you go on holiday if you’re travelling with all the airlines that you travel with. It’s also called APIS, Secure Flight or e-Borders. In a nutshell, this is information from your passport that’s required by the government of the country you’re travelling to.

2. How do I provide my API details?

We will send you a form along with your confirmation invoice and ATOL certificate. Simply fill in the form and email or post it back to us and we’ll do the rest.

3. When do I need to provide my API details?

We need to have your details as soon as possible after you book so that we can send your tickets to you well before your departure date. So as soon as you reasonably can.

4. Why do I need to provide my API details?

API information is required by the border control and security authorities of the different countries that we feature. They use the details to do routine checks on the identity of passengers before they arrive in the country. It’s a condition of your booking that you must provide your API information.

5. How do I know if you’ve received my API details?

We will let you know if we haven’t received your API details before you travel. We’ll call or email you in good time.


B. Booking your holiday
1. Can I book my holiday online?

No. We like to speak with all our guests to ensure that we are providing you with the right holiday within the Discerning Collection portfolio. So we will book the holiday for you usually whilst on the phone. We’d hate it if you booked online and inadvertently got the wrong holiday and never travelled with us again! We’d rather not sell you a holiday if we really couldn’t provide what you really wanted.

2. How much is the deposit?

Actually the amount of deposit on your holiday can vary depending on the flight cost. Unlike most operators we can sell you a holiday from any airport and on any day of departure within reason and of course provided that the airport in question actually has flights to your chosen destination. What we charge as a deposit is normally the cost of the flight and we will tell you the exact amount during the booking process.

3. When do I get my tickets?

This is normally around 2 weeks before departure provided that the holiday has been paid in full and your API details (see above for more information on API). The balance of your holiday should be paid at least 8 weeks prior to departure and we will send you a gently reminder is this hasn’t been done.

4. I’m married but my passport is in my maiden name, what name do I use?

We always use the name that is in your passport as this is the document that the airline and immigrant officials will check. Your tickets will always be in the same name that in shown in your passport, which of course will also match your API details.

5. Do I need a visa?

With the exception of Turkey you will not need a visa to travel to the destinations we feature if you are a UK citizen. For all those travelling to Turkey a visa is requires and you can obtain this online at . The visa costs $20 and is quite easy to obtain online. Once purchased, the visa will last for 180 days with unlimited travel into Turkey during this period. However the maximum length of stay within Turkey is 90 days. Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your return date. From 1 January 2015, when you enter Turkey your passport must also have at least 60 days validity beyond the expiry date of your visa or residence permit. As an extra level of service, we can also make an application on your behalf. Call us on 01784 817 720.

6. What if I need to change something on my booking?

We will do our utmost to help you with any changes that you may have to make with your booking. However, depending on which airline we have booked with, there may be charges applicable for name or date changes. It is vital that we have the right spelling for all your names as airlines will often charge for even a simple name change. We have excellent relationships with all the airlines that we use but like many suppliers it all depends on who we are speaking with at the time!

If the change to your booking is within our control then wherever possible we will not charge you. Room changes, hotel changes and even resort changes are often possible without charges (if within the same category of course!)

7. What’s included in my booking?

We are a specialist tour operator and normally the price of your holiday will include flights, transfers from the airport to your accommodation, the accommodation on a pre- arranged board basis and the services of our representatives or hosts in resort. Any additional extras such as car hire, private transfers, excursions, extra beds, cots etc. will be discussed and agreed during the booking process and will always be confirmed in writing and be included in your itinerary/confirmation prior to your travel date. We can also provide accommodation only or flight only bookings. Luggage allowance on our flights is usually 20kgs per person and is also shown on your itinerary. Hand luggage is normally 5kgs per person but please call us for clarification 20 01784 817 720.


C. At the departure airport
1. Which terminal am I flying from?

The terminal you are flying from is always stated on your itinerary and this will be with you two weeks before your departure date along with your tickets.

2. Can I get airport assistance?

We can arrange airport assistance and this is free to anyone that has mobility problems due to disability, age or injury. Please call us at least 48 hours prior to your flight and we’ll do the rest. We can also assist with airport lounges, parking, meet and greet and airport hotels.


D. At the arrival airport
1. How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?

If you have booked transfers then you will be met at the arrival airport by our representatives. We will give you as much information as to where our representatives will be prior to your arrival so that once you have collected your luggage your journey to your chosen accommodation will be as seamless as possible. To make your transfers even more stress free we always transfer you directly to the accommodation you have chosen with no stops at other hotels or villas.

2. Can I have booster seats or child seats on the transfer or in my car hire vehicle?

Yes of course. Simply make a request either at the time of booking or at least a week prior to departure. We provide booster seats and Front facing child seats. If you wish to bring your own please also advise us as some transfer vehicles only take certain child seats. Call us on 01784 817 720 for any information.

3. Where do I pick up my hire car from?

This all depends on the arrival airport. However at all arrival airports our representatives will be on hand to guide you or we will inform you prior to your departure exactly where in the arrival airport your hire car is to be collected from. This will usually mean going to the your chosen Car Hire Desk and filling out some paperwork prior to collection the car from a car park usually located within the airport.

4. Do the transfers normally mean stopping at various hotels prior to mine?

No definitely not. All our transfers are direct to your hotel, villa, apartment or riad. Should you need a comfort break on route to your accommodation simply inform the driver or our representative who will stop at somewhere convenient. Our drivers are all instructed to be courteous, not smoke, nor use the phone whilst driving.


E. At the resort
1. Will there be someone at my accommodation when I arrive?

Yes. Either our representatives or the hotel/apartment staff will know of your arrival time and will help you check in to your chosen room. In the case of villas, there will be a representative from the villa to let you in and will give you brief instructions with regard to the workings of the appliances etc. In all our hotels in Turkey, the hotel staff will be on hand to help you with carrying your luggage to your room. A tip is not necessary.

2. Is there a welcome hamper included in my villa accommodation?

Yes. The welcome hamper includes some basic necessities: milk, water, tea bags, coffee, wine, cheese and bread.


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