Kalkan…brilliant with or without the children.

I was reading an article in the Telegraph last week which discussed the topic: Do you dare go on holiday without the children. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/10152866/Do-you-dare-to-go-on-holiday-without-the-children.html

The two parents, Christine Odone and Beverly Turner each stood up for their differing views. Christine said ‘Yes’ and Beverly said ‘No’. Both argued well and if you are fortunate enough to have kids then you will appreciate the merits of both sides. I’m an older dad and so I sided with Beverly as I really want to appreciate my children India (8 years old) and Archie (6 years old) on the many trips overseas as well as here in the UK.

As the MD of The Discerning Collection I am privileged to have a wealth of gorgeous properties to choose from but we always end up in the lovely resort of Kalkan in Turkey. An upmarket resort that’s fantastic for both adults and kids alike. Here there are adult only properties such as the Likya Residence and Spa and the Likya Boutique….two beautiful properties with the Likya Boutique boasting rooms with their own pools and the Likya Residence which has an average of over 60% repeat customers every year!

For families there’s the Asfiya Hotel run beautifully by Adem and his wife Sema and of course the wide variety of private villas with private pools. We normally stay in a three bedroom villa but the kids being 8 and 6 still manage to end up sleeping in our bedroom on makeshift beds on the floor.

So if you’ve got the choice of taking the children or not, Kalkan, with its beautiful properties and fantastic restaurants and upmarket ambience, is definitely the resort for you.


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