Greece … How it really is!

With so many of our guests calling for up to date information with regards to the situation in Greece below is a unedited report from Barbara, our host in Crete, who looks after all our arrivals on this lovely island.:

‘Hello from Crete

The situation at the moment is as follows

Greek banks are closed. Greek account holders can only get 60 euro per day out of the ATM. Non Greek card holders can get up to 800 euro per day depending on there limit in the UK.

It is better to request denominations of 50’s as the 20’s soon run out.

Lidl and the larger supermarkets -Carrafore, Halkiadakis(Spa) are still taking card payments. There is no problem with supplies as they are still getting through.

Most tavernas are still taking card payments also cash from any country!

As you know I live in a small Greek village and for me there is no change. Everything is going along as usual. The tavenas and cafes are a little quieter as the Greeks are not eating out at the moment.

Petrol stations are taking cash only as I have been told that the petrol station owners have to pay cash for there supply.

The main Greek holidays begin on the 15th July so we will have to see if the Athenians are travelling or staying home. I suspect they will still travel back to the Islands as the Islands are more self sufficient.

If anything changes I will send details’

Rachael from Cephalonia and our hotel owners Afroditi and Peter from Lemnos are saying similar things so it seems that despite banks being closed the situation for tourists is all ok at present.

We’ll update this blog when we have more information or indeed if the situation changes dramatically.


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