Your money goes so much further in Turkey!

The Turkish Lira is now at an exchange rate of 3.9 to the Pound!……a massive drop of 40% from last summer’s rates when it hovered around the 2.8 mark to the pound. This means that your hard earned sterling is going to buy you so much more in the resorts of Turkey. All those fantastic restaurants in Kalkan, all the incredible sight seeing tours and your every day spending whilst on holiday in Turkey is going to cost you a massive 40% less than last year. Just think….a three course meal with wine that last summer would have perhaps cost you £20 per person is now only £12 per person! The gods of currency are at last on our side!

It’s never been a better time to book one of our holidays. We’ve kept the Turkish hotel prices the same as last year, we’ve introduced the new Asfiya Sea View in Kalkan with tremendous opening prices and most flight prices to Dalaman are also the same as last year.

So call us on 01753 272 160 to book the best value for money holiday around!


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