Weather in Kalkan Turkey

Kalkan is extremely fortunate in that it is situated at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains which have an influence on its weather giving it the climate that is typical of the Southern Med…..just lovely!

May tends to be sunny but with cooler evenings when a sweater would be advisable especially if you’re going to eat in the open air and roof top restaurants in Kalkan. Some of the good restaurants in Kalkan tend to have covered outdoor areas so the temperature stays comfortable. Daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 28 degrees Centigrade or 82 degrees Fahrenheit… pretty hot and do make sure that your little ones are duly covered up with sun cream of at least factor 30. The average number of hours of sunshine is 13 hours per day. Swimming in pools tends to be bracing to say the least especially if the pool is deep. Children seem immune to the cold water but for adults the best advice is to just jump in rather than gradually ease yourself into the pool. The temperature of the sea is around the 20C mark which is 68F so fairly warm.

The temperature in June can range from around 20 to 28 and even up to 32 degrees centigrade. At night this drops to around 20C which is 68F. So no sweaters or jackets required for supper. In fact if you are staying around the Likya Residence and Spa or the Asfiya Hotel area then the walk down to Kalkan harbour will certainly have the men perspiring and the women glowing… wife made me write that! The sea temperature is around 23C which is 73F…warm enough for even the most woosy of us! And with thirteen hours of sunshine every day you are guaranteed a lovely tan. June (like September) is our busiest months for repeat guests as the weather seems to suit many of our customers.

July is just hot….with highs of around 35C but in some circumstances this can go up to above 40C. Humidity can get up to 60% or more. Stay in the pool or sea or in an air-conditioned room!
Some of the restaurants in the harbour will have fans that spray a fine mist of cooling water…very welcome and a treat for children. Sea temperatures around 26C which is 79F…beautiful!

For August see July and add a degree!

September like June is a favourite month for holidays for many of our guests. The Likya Residence and Spa, the Asfiya and our villas book up really early as our previous guests try to book their favourite rooms and enjoy the lovely weather in September. The Temperature will generally reach highs of around 31/32C that’s 88/90F. The evenings are balmy, the sun sets a little bit earlier so there are around 11 hours of sunshine per day…..less later on in the month. The temperature or the sea is a lovely 26C or 79F. Great for a Lazy Day at Sea in one of our gulets.

October will reach highs of around 27/28C which is about 81F and at night the temperature can drop to around 17C or 63F. Days are a bit shorter with the sun setting at around 6pm so around 10 hours of sunshine per day. My family normally takes a holiday at the end of October (kid’s half-term) and for the last 6 years we have had absolutely lovely sunny weather without any rain. In fact on Sunday November 4th 2012 my family and I were on a gulet trip and we were sunbathing, swimming in the sea and generally behaving as though it was mid-September! (See pictures)
The evenings can get cooler so pack sweaters and sweatshirts.

Overall Kalkan (and in fact most of Turkey) has a fantastic record of beautiful weather throughout April to November. As most of the charter flights tend to start in May that’s when most of our guests arrive. However some of our hotels are open in April and there are flights from Gatwick and Manchester during this month so if you’ve got a few spare days then this would be a good month to pick up an absolute bargain, provided, of course that you don’t mind having the resort to yourself!


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