Gol Tepe Islamlar
Islamlar, Turkey

A short walk that leads you through the remains of an ancient settlement and finishes on a rock ledge overlooking Bezirgan. To reach the start of the walk you will have to drive out of Kalkan in the Fethiye direction. When you reach Akbel at the top of the hill (also the start of the Delikkemer walk) turn left following the signs to Islamlar. After two kilometres, the road forks uphill to the left and another two kilometres on brings you into the village of Islamlar. Continue driving through the village, passing the mosque and local shop and continue uphill. Eventually you will pass some honeycombed like tombs, most probably burial chambers dating back several thousand years. Another couple of minutes beyond here you will reach the brow of the hill, your starting point. You will notice a water fountain recessed in to the left-hand side of the road. The walk starts just across the road from here on the right. Look for a well-trodden path that disappears up between two bushes, about 100 meters or so along this track you will notice a blue paint marker on a rock. These markers take you all the way to the fantastic vantage point overlooking Bezirgan. The area you are walking through was an ancient settlement; at the start of the walk cast your eyes around to see rock tombs on the hill above. About ten minutes into the walk you find yourself walking up what you could imaging was a stone staircase in ancient times and around this point turn to look behind you and notice what looks like a chunk of city wall jutting out of the hillside. Just around this point you may overshoot a not very obvious fork to the right. You will know that you have when you suddenly appear on a small plateau area with no blue markers. Retrace your steps slightly and at the next blue marker push through the bush on your left, the branches are soft and flexible. From here follow the trail, it is well marked. Forty minutes or so into the walk you come to a flatter area that has been dug out in places recently. Ahead you will see what in winter and spring appears to be a small lake on the hilltop. On closer inspection, it appears that that it could have been a small amphitheatre. From here it is another ten minutes on to the viewpoint, which, when you get there is a good place to have a picnic if you have brought one. The patchwork of fields below in Bezirgan changes colour with the seasons. Return to your car the same way you came up, remember to pause from time to time to take in the different views of the region. On a clear day looking towards the coast you can see the fertile Xanthos valley in the distance covered in greenhouses, whilst inland you can see Akdag towering high, its peak often covered in snow until early summer.

Walk difficulty: Easy
Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
Eating opportunities: Take a picnic or better still have lunch in one of the trout restaurants in Islamlar.
Things to take with you: Hat, sun cream, water and sturdy footwear


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