Akbel to Delikkemer
Kalkan, Turkey

A pleasant walk, uneven underfoot in places and no climbing involved. Great opportunity to see a section of a Roman Aqueduct dating back 2000 years.
Take a bus from Kalkan to the village of Akbel, located at the top of the hill out of Kalkan. Ask your host for the easiest way of getting there and the for the bus timetable.
To find the start of the walk, which is marked as part of the Lycian Way, look for the mosque in Akbel and take the left-hand turn about 100m before the mosque, on to an asphalt road.

Follow this road for about 20 minutes taking care of the traffic. You will arrive at the main road that links Kalkan to Fethiye. Cross with care and continue straight ahead on a tractor track. Only 20 meters along the track you pass between a crumbling stone wall and the path swings to the right immediately after you pass the wall.

This path continues through some scrubby areas, crosses an olive grove and then narrows to the path you will follow for the next hour/hour and a half.

The path follows the contour of the hillside and is the same route the Roman aqueduct, that ran between Islamlar and Patara, followed. On occasion you will see quite clearly the pipe line underfoot with its pink lime stone deposits.

The path takes you through an area which was devastated by a forest fire some years ago. You will see charred branches sticking up out of the new green shrubs. The view below you is the thriving village of Yesilkoy, a huge tomato growing area and Patara beach is in the distance.

Finally, the path you have been following starts to descend and here you will get your first breath-taking glimpse of the aqueduct as it crosses a dip in the landscape.

Follow the path down to the base of the huge wall and you will see there is an area where part of the aqueduct has collapsed. Climb through here to find a lovely picnic spot amongst the olive groves with a view out to Firnaz bay and to Kisla.

From the aqueduct you need to walk down to the main road to catch a bus/dolmus back to Kalkan or Akbel (if you have left your car there). If you have walked through the aqueduct to the picnic area, return back to the other side, you will see there is a very thoughtfully provided opening with an ancient carving above.

Walk down to the track below the aqueduct, turn right on to it following it downhill to the new road. Turn left on to the new road, a few hundred meters along you will meet the main road where you can catch a bus/dolmus back to Kalkan.

Walk difficulty: Easy
Distance: Approximately 6km
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours


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