A quintessential Turkish experience our guests rave about

So often we are asked by guests visiting Turkey for the first time for ‘must do’ experiences so here’s one that works come rain or shine!

A close shave in any one of Turkey’s ubiquitous barbers berber is in our opinion an integral part of a Turkish holiday for many men. First you will enjoy a tremendous scalp massage, then the barber will administer a ferocious ( but really good) neck and shoulder massage. Then comes the shave. The babrer will shave you with a cut-throat-razor, which gives a closer shave than even the best quality disposables. He’ll the dip a cotton wool bud into a liquid and set it alight. Very quickly he’ll swish it past your nostrils and earlobes. Gently singeing the hair. He’ll then splash you all over with refreshing lemon cologne. You’ll be left feeling squeaky clean with a face as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The more rustic the location, the better the experience!


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