Little things that mean a lot at the Hillside Beach Club

Last night I stayed at The Hillside Beach Club for the first time. I’d visited it before, of course, but there’s nothing like staying in one of our hotels to really see how good (or indeed bad) the property is. I’d heard great things from our guests and wondered what made this hotel different and why is scored so highly in terms of repeat business.

The hotel is over ten years old so surely there would be obvious signs of wear and tear? Not a bit of it, not only was the hotel pristine, it was better than some brand new properties that I’ve considered contracting for this year.

The whole experience starts when you get to reception with ever attentive smiling staff ready to take your bags and check you in with minimum fuss. You are then golf carted to your room and I was given room 598, a beautifully appointed room with fantastic sea views and a huge balcony. This is where the ‘little things’ started. Firstly, the pillows were goose down filled, heaven for most people but not for me as I can only sleep with synthetic pillows. I was happy to see resting right in the middle of the 4 pillows that there was a leaflet offering you the chance of changing your pillows to….wait for it….a choice of 7 different types of pillow. Goose down, full cotton, silicone, orthopedic, anti reflux (whatever that is), buckwheat (really), pregnancy pillow and finally bamboo – I requested an alternative choice, and there is was, within just 15 minutes!

There’s of course complimentary wifi, or if you prefer, they’ll give you an ipad so you can play your favourite games etc. or get an ereader that can contain your favourite books. And what about if, (like me!) you’ve left your mobile charger behind….simply order it via the Hillside Beach order mobile app and a staff member will deliver your charger to your room.

If this is starting to sound like an advert I apologise but I was genuinely blown away by loads of stuff including the lovely big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower wash (two types!). The robe was large enough for my frame (big) and the slippers were a great fit too!  As I was relaxing on my spacious terrace and enjoying the views, I noticed that my shirt was a little too creased for a meeting, I simply contacted the concierge, and again, I was totally impressed that it was whisked away, pressed and returned to me in under 20 minutes, now that’s what I call service!

The restaurants were fantastic with a huge choice and, given that the hotel is full board, that’s a must! It also seemed that the service, which is typical of Turkey, was completely genuine.

There’s a lot of thought that’s gone into what you get at the Hillside beach club and I promise you that you will be thrilled with this hotel should you choose to book.

A different programme of activities is printed daily and your children will be busy from 9am to 10pm if you want them to be, really looked after and as all parents know, if your children have a lovely holiday, then you will too!

There is so much more  that’s available at Hillside Beach Club, check out the hotel page to find out more.


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