Free Wi Fi in Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Italy and Spain.

Reading an article in the Sunday Times last week about how a lot of 4 and 5 star hotels across the UK charge for WF FI access in their properties got me wondering about all the hotels that we currently offer in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy and Morocco. Do they charge for WI FI and if so how much. I’d hate to think of our guests arriving at one of our lovely hotels and having to pay charges to access their emails, Facebook and the internet in general. It also got me thinking that from now on every new hotel, villa, apartment or riad that I contract must have complimentary Wi Fi.

In Kalkan, where we have most of our exclusive properties, having done some basic research, I have found that the average cost of Wi Fi at the Likya Residence and Spa, The Asfiya Sea View, the Asfiya and the Likya View Villas is approximately £30 per month per property. Here in our offices in Egham the cost of unlimited Wi Fi access is much less. So I’m at a loss as to why hotels will want to charge their guests for this, most basic of services. It would seem that because many UK hotels have a percentage of ‘business’ traffic , some hotels see this as an easy way to get additional revenue. Terribly short-sighted, in my humble opinion. Then again I’m not party to the costs that UK hotels are charged for internet access but I can’t believe it’s so much as to warrant charging their guests.

As it happens, and this is more down to luck than planning, all our properties in Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Spain and Italy have complimentary Wi Fi. However, it must be noted that in some properties only certain areas have a decent signal. It all depends on the local connections.

So if you have to access the internet and don’t want to incur unnecessary charges, feel free to book on of our delightful properties and call us on 01784 817 720.


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