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Argos Hotel

  • Number of Rooms: 53
  • Distance to Town: Uchisar Village - 10 mins walk
  • Distance to Airport: 1 hour's drive
  • Views: Superb views over Cappadocia
  • Car Hire: No need!
  • WiFi: Yes

Stay in your very own luxury cave room

Sumptuous accommodation - carved out of a rock!

The astonishing region of Cappadocia is like nowhere else on earth, words simply cannot describe the magical lunar landscape and towering rock formations, created after three volcanoes erupted millions of years ago, covering the entire region in a thick layer of volcanic ash. Once the ash solidified, it became a soft, porous rock known locally as ‘tufa’. As time passed, wind and rain eroded the vast expanse of tufa creating surreal pinnacles, known as fairy chimneys.

For centuries many communities settled in the villages of Cappadocia and turned the mystical conical formations into troglodyte dwellings, rock churches and created huge labyrinthine underground cities in which to escape the enemy in years of battle.

Nowadays, people travel from far and wide to explore this magical region of natural beauty, one particularly special way to discover Cappadocia is from the air; every day at sunrise dozens of hot air balloons float gently over the enchanting landscape, a truly unforgettable experience.

We have hand-picked some beautiful cave hotels in Cappadocia, all chosen for their location, comfort and above all, friendly and professional service. We are happy to tailor-make your holiday to your needs, so why not combine a few nights in Cappadocia with some time in Istanbul and finish off with a week in the sunshine on the stunning Mediterranean coast.

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Stay in your very own luxury cave dwelling

The Argos Hotel in Uchisar offer luxurious accommodation, all cut out of the natural stone and caves.  Views from here are simply magical and a wonderful base to explore the surrounding villages with their mysterious rock formations.

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