Boutique Hotels in Kalkan

The phrase ‘boutique’ when used in reference to hotels has now come to be so overused that in many cases it simply serves as a phrase on loads of unscrupulous tour operators websites simply to try and give their substandard hotels a bit of a lift. In Kalkan many hotels are giving themselves the boutique tag and it is a real shame as it detracts from those that truly deserve the boutique name. The Turkish Tourist Board or Tursab has tried to stop this practise by refusing licences to those hotels that call themselves boutique hotels without their official stamp of approval. For the record, in Kalkan, there are only two official ‘boutique’ hotels and one is the Likya Residence and Spa, widely recognised as one of the best hotels, if not the best hotel, in the region.

The Likya Residence and Spa boutique hotel is part of the Aykan group which boast hotels like the Asfiya, the Kas peninsula Gardens and The Likya Gardens. The Asfiya hotel competes with the Likya Residence for the highest per cent of repeat business in Kalkan which currently stands at 62%. An incredible statistic given the amount of so called boutique hotels in Kalkan. The guests loyal to the Asfiya and Likya Residence go to these two hotels for the service and the size of rooms. The Likya Residence has the better location but if the Asfiya were situated where the Likya is then I’m sure that its occupancy would be up in the high nineties for the summer season.

New for summer 2013 is the Likya Boutique hotel which consists of only six duplex rooms (sitting room downstairs and bedroom upstairs) and they each have their own private pools! It won’t be long before the standards of accommodation in Kalkan will be judged in relation to the Likya Boutique and it will be very soon that this will be another official boutique hotel of Kalkan. If you want real ‘boutique’ hotels look no further than the Likya Residence and Spa, The Asfiya Hotel and the new Likya Boutique.

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