Reducing our Ecological and Carbon Footprint

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As a small tour operator we are acutely aware that our business activity does have an impact on the ecological resources we use to get our guests to the resorts we feature overseas. When we first set up a tour operator, Tapestry Holidays, the effect of our activities was an unknown and actually something that we never even considered.

As we have evolved into The Discerning Collection we have taken our responsibility to protect the environment and promote Responsible Tourism and reduce our Carbon Footprint much more seriously. We believe that all our guests have a choice in the reduction of the Carbon Footprint so we will not preach to you as to what you must do. We would simply urge you to consider Carbon Offsetting i.e. paying into a registered charity to help repair the damage that air travel does to the climate and you may wish to consider reducing your environmental footprint by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions produced as a result of your holiday through a number of organisations that use contributions to help the environment.

We won’t recommend any one organisation as there are many who do excellent work in this field. However, you may want to consider that a flight to Dalaman from London Gatwick would cost approximately £4.50 per person to offset the carbon footprint. İf you contributed this money to the organisation of your choice then you can neutralise the negative environmental impact of your flight.

Responsible Tourism

Although we are a small company, we take our responsibility to protect the environment and promoting Responsible Tourism seriously and believe they are core values to our philosophy. Very simply, we look to protect the environment wherever we can. We also look to protect the social, cultural and economic aspects of the areas that our Guests visit.

Wherever possible we aim to maximise the benefits of tourism to each destination whilst minimising the environmental impact.

The Environment

We encourage all of our property owners to minimise their impact on the environment by adopting an environmental policy to cover laundry, lighting, energy conservation etc. Wherever possible we encourage our hoteliers to source eco friendly produce in their restaurants. Luckily in all our resorts food tends to be organic and your consumption of this food helps local farmers.

When speaking with our hosts we are conscious to promate details of walks within the areas you are visiting which as well as providing a fascinating insight to our regions, encourages a more environmentally friendly approach to travel.

Social & Cultural Aspects

The vast majority of properties and transport companies within our portfolio are family owned and run. We know that this means that we benefit the local economy of the regions that we offer.

Additionally, our Guests can be a real help to local communities by providing both income and positive cultural exchanges.

Our teams overseas employs local people. Additional members consist almost exclusively of knowledgeable persons who are already resident in Turkey and have a thorough understanding and love of the local culture, rather than people who travel from the UK simply for the summer season. This ensures that not only are we providing employment and income from the tourist industry, our team have the opportunity to pass on their expert knowledge and advice regarding the country they live in.

We actively promote long term relationships with our property owners and suppliers. In this way we know that we are providing long-term investments in our destinations.