In the furthest reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, dancing across the night sky, is a phenomenon that continues to mystify us all.  Iceland is one of the best places to witness this incredible natural spectacle. Enjoy one of our all inclusive trips to Iceland. These experiences are brought to you in collaboration with our friends at Untold Story Travel.

•  Experience a luxury Northern Lights vacation accompanied by your own personal guide and expert astronomer

•  Embark upon a thrilling snowmobile ride across the Eyjafjallajokull ice cap

•  Share stories around a roaring fire in the comfort of your own luxury lodge

•  Recharge in the pools of a secret thermal lagoon as the Aurora Borealis dance above you

•  Race ATVs along Southern Iceland’s black-sand beaches

•  Don your crampons and go ice hiking accompanied by an experienced glacier guide

•  Descend into a lava tunnel and explore the otherworldly geology beneath the surface



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