Destination Guide to Turkey


You must ensure that your insurance policy will cover you for medical expenses and repatriation in the event of an accident before participating in a Discerning Collection Jaunt or any other activities which may not be covered by standard travel insurance such as: Scuba Diving, White Water Rafting, River Canoeing, Sea Kayaking and Paragliding.

Although it is not necessary to have previous experience of these activities, it is important that you are reasonably fit and active, are a confident swimmer and follow all of the safety instructions given. With the exception of river canoeing, participation in all other activities will be dependent on your size and strength and is not usually available to those under 16 years of age. Please speak to your Discerning Collection Host for more information.

Before each activity a full safety brief will be given and you will be required to wear safety equipment. If there is any aspect of the instructions you do not fully understand, please ask the Jaunt Leader to explain it again before the activity commences. For white water rafting (where applicable) you will be part of a team and so it is important that all participants follow the Leader’s instructions during the activity to ensure it is both safe and enjoyable.

If at any time – either before or after the safety briefing – you do not feel confident enough to participate in any of the above activities, please advise the Leader immediately. Similarly, if for safety reasons the Leader feels the activity is too strenuous or not suitable for you, you will be advised not to participate and you will receive a full refund. Unfortunately, this will mean waiting at the activity start point until the jaunt has been completed, unless you make your own arrangements to return to your property.

Scuba Diving

Flying within 24 hours of scuba diving is extremely dangerous due to the pressurisation of the aircraft cabin. Therefore, your final dive must be completed at least 24 hours before your flight home.

Jeep Safaris

Although our safety record on jeep safaris is excellent, with safety in mind, we have now arranged for all jeeps to be driven by local drivers who – in addition to their driving skills – have comprehensive knowledge of the roads and terrain covered. However, if you should wish to drive your own jeep, this may be arranged depending on the company and jeeps available, provided that all passengers in the jeep are included in your party and you all sign a statement accepting the safari is undertaken at your own risk. It is important to wear the seatbelts provided and not to drink alcohol if you are driving the jeep!

Mopeds and Motorbikes

We strongly recommend against hiring mopeds or motorbikes due to the varying road quality and conditions. For this reason Discerning Collection Hosts are unable to book mopeds or motorbikes on your behalf. However, should you choose to hire a moped or motorbike we would recommend that you always wear a crash helmet, never travel in shorts or swimwear and, very importantly, check that your holiday insurance would cover this activity, as most standard travel insurance policies do not.