Destination Guide to Turkey

Getting About

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The dolmuş is the best form of transport for travelling around the local area. Dolmuş in Turkish literally means ‘stuffed’ and before tighter regulations were enforced, these little minibuses were packed to the gunnels, not only with local people but with their livestock too. It was not unusual to find yourself sitting on a seat with three other people, a couple of chickens and a large sack of peppers!

The dolmuş system operates as a hail and ride service running along set routes, picking up and dropping off people on request. The local bus conductor has been replaced by the passing of your fare to the driver, via the other passengers, and your change returning in much the same way. To stop a dolmuş, simply hold out your hand as you would to stop a taxi, and jump on. When you reach your destination shout out ‘inecek var’, literally meaning ‘there is a getting out’ and the driver will stop for you.

There is a dolmuş service operating in most of our regions, please ask your Discerning host for local service information.

Akil bastadir, yasta değil

(A man is as wise as his head not his years!)