Destination Guide to Turkey

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Yali (2)


The coastline around Kalkan is rich and rugged, with many secluded bays and rocky inlets, which are great to explore. The stretches of rocky coastline are extremely inviting, lapped by clear aquamarine waters and perfect for cooling off and snorkelling. Although the Town Beach is small and services limited, the shallow rake to the sea is perfect for timid swimmers.

Dotted around Kalkan are many beach clubs – essentially sun-bathing platforms cut from the rocks.

Yali Beach Club

Situated right on the water’s edge the beach club is owned and operated by the Asfiya, particularly for the use of all Discerning’s guests. There is a cost for use of sunbeds and umbrellas, water sports are available all day, just ask the staff and they will call the Blue Marlin Water sports who offer all manner of activities including water-ski, ringos, jet ski, banana and many more.

They also have boat hire, speedboat and fishing trips should you want to take to the water.

Please note however, due to new regulations, boats can only be hired by those with at least a basic seaman’s licence. Please speak to your host for further information.

The beach platforms have direct access to the sea and comfortable sunbeds with shade. The Yali’s bar and restaurant serves food and drinks throughout the day

Other beach clubs are:

Kalamar Beach Club – in Kalamar Bay

Ibo’s Beach Club – Kalkan Harbour

Palm Beach Club, Mahal Beach Club, Patara Prince Beach Club & Kalkan Beach Club – Kisli Bay, to reach these they each have their own water taxi from Kalkan harbour – by the lighthouse.


During the day Kaş becomes deserted as everyone heads for the beaches. The town has two beaches imaginatively named Buyuk Çakıl (Big Pebble Beach) and Küçük Çakıl (Little Pebble Beach). These are the immediate beaches in the area, however, not the nicest.

Other delightful beaches may be reached by using the water taxis that leave the harbour throughout the day for the 10 or 15 minute journey across the bay.

Around Kaş the coastline is rich and rugged with many secluded bays and rocky inlets great for exploring. The stretches of rocky coastline are extremely inviting, lapped by clear aquamarine waters and perfect for cooling off and snorkelling.

Local Beaches

kaputas-kalkanKaputaş Bay

A little further afield, Kaputaş Bay (between Kalkan and Kaş) offers a delightful sand and pebble cove at the mouth of an impressive gorge. Please be aware, however, that there are no sun beds or umbrellas available – and be warned, there are many steps!


Regularly featured as one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful beaches it is an uninterrupted eighteen-kilometre stretch of soft golden sand, punctuated with the evocative ruins of the ancient city previously mentioned.

The entrance fee (2YTL per person per day to access the beach) goes towards maintenance of the site.

All of the beaches around Kalkan (with the exception of Kaputaş) have plenty of sunshades and sun beds for hire to provide a welcome respite from the midday sun.