Root Canal

Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) is necessary when the inside of the tooth (pulp) and surrounding area becomes infected. This can be as a result of cracking, decay or injury. Root canal treatments can save a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed. The treatment involves the pulp of the tooth being removed and the cavity sealed. Consequently, the tooth is restored.

Root canal treatment is the process of restoring problematic teeth back to their former form via endodontology. Root canal treatment is required when the interior of a tooth dies or pulp inflammation manifests causing discomfort in the form of swelling and infection. Root canal start from £50 for one root, £80 for two roots and £130 for three roots.

Why is root canal treatment needed?

If the pulp becomes infected, the infection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth. This may eventually lead to an abscess. An abscess is an inflamed area in which pus collects and can cause swelling of the tissues around the tooth. The symptoms of an abscess can range from a dull ache to severe pain, and the tooth may be tender when you bite. If root canal treatment is not done, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be taken out.

Is root canal treatment painful?

The procedure normally causes no more discomfort that a filling would. Root canal treatment may have a bad reputation, but it is undeserved; in this case it’s the disease that’s to blame and not the cure. In other words, the infections that make the treatment necessary in the first place are often painful because they are inflaming tissue that has lots of nerves and therefore is very sensitive. Root canal treatment actually relieves this pain!

What Happens If You Leave An Infected Root Canal Untreated?

If the infected root canal is not treated, tooth abscess and related serious disorders may occur. Inflammation progresses to deep tissues, causing loss of jawbone and soft dental tissues. When the tooth abscess spreads to any part of the human body, such as the head and neck, it may cause blood poisoning (Sepsis) due to mixing with the blood.


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